Did Conservatives Only Support The Boy Scouts For Anti-Gay Discrimination?

Since the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) voted last week to allow gay Scouts to participate in the organization, conservative groups like the National Organization for Marriage, have warned that churches will abandon the organization, leading to its demise. Nearly a week later, it seems now that those conservative groups are actually now advocating against the BSA, as the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer explained this week:

FISCHER: We’re going to call on everyone that’s involved in Scouting: pull out. If your church is the sponsor of of a Boy Scout troop, we’re going to urge you to contact your pastor and ask him to withdraw the church’s sponsorship of the Boy Scout troop, because the only way you can do that — the only way you can stay in Scouting is to affirm this policy. You have to affirm it. You have to implement it. You are not allowed to exercise your own judgment on this based on your religious conviction. There is no option given by the Boy Scouts — if you’re going to be in Scouting, you have to allow open and avowed homosexuals to be a part of your Scout troop.

Watch it:

Many churches have already pulled their support, including the Assemblies of God, the world’s largest Pentecostal group. Frank Page of the Southern Baptist Convention added that with this change, the Scouts are no longer maintaining an “objective standard.”

These actions suggest that the primary reason any of these organizations supported the BSA in the first place was because of its policy of anti-gay discrimination. None of the other values the Scouts uphold or the lessons they teach boys are apparently enough for these churches to stick with them, because they just can’t tolerate that there might be a gay kid in their troop. If shunning teenagers for their sexual orientations trumps all the other values these churches care about, perhaps the BSA is better off without their sponsorship.