Former Archbishop Of Canterbury: Marriage Equality Will Lead To Incest And Polygamy

Lord George Carey, served as Archbishop of Canterbury from 1991-2002, has warned that marriage equality will lead to polygamy and incest. Next week, the House of Lords will take up consideration of the bill passed by the House of Commons.Writing in an essay for the British think tank Civitas, Carey warns that there will be “unintended consequences” if they pass it:

A fourth reason why we should be worried by the redefining of marriage is the unintended consequences of such a step. Once we let go of the exclusivity of a one man-one woman relationship with procreation linking the generations, then why stop there? If it is ‘about love and commitment’ then it is entirely logical to extend marriage to, say, two sisters bringing up children together. If it is merely ‘about love and commitment’ then there is nothing illogical about multiple relationships, such as two women and one man.[…]

In no way do I mean to be alarmist about the possibility of this happening in a large scale way, but it is happening in the United States and there is nothing to stop the trend continuing.

The LGBT movement is not advocating for incest or polygamy, nor is there any evidence that they ever have, nor has marriage equality in the United States had any such “consequences.” The lack of substantiation for these arguments is a reminder that the “slippery slope” is a logical fallacy.

Carey has previously suggested that when Christians are called “bigots” for their opposition to LGBT equality, it’s a step toward a totalitarian state like Nazi Germany.