Florida Children’s Museum Doubles Down On Discrimination By Punishing All Families

The Hands On Children’s Museum in Jacksonville, Florida has been under fire this week for having a membership policy that requires same-sex families to pay more than opposite-sex families. Today, the museum has changed its membership policies to require all families to pay more:

OLD PLAN: Family – $49.50: Mom, Dad, & Children Under 18 Who Live in the home. Add A Person – $10.00.

NEW PLAN: $49.50: 1 Named Parent & Children Under 18 Who Live in the home. Add 1 extra person – $10.00

It used to be that an opposite-sex couple could cover their whole family for $49.50 while a same-sex couple had to pay $59.50. Now all couples who both want to be included in the package have to pay $59.50.

The museum could have simply made its family policy inclusive of all families. Now all families have to pay more for bigotry.