Anti-Gay Children’s Museum Threatens Kids Who Deliver Petitions With Trespassing Charges

These kids were told they were "trespassing" for delivering petition signatures to the museum.

The Hands On Children’s Museum in Jacksonville, Florida has once again demonstrated its reluctance to be welcoming of same-sex families. This weekend, a group of kids delivered signatures from the petition challenging its policies, but according to petition organizer Mary Kimrey, museum officials told the kids they were not welcome and would be considered trespassers if they attempted to return:

Children attempted to deliver a copy of this petition to The Hands On Children’s Museum. The children were not allowed inside and were told they were trespassing. They politely handed the petition to a lady outside, said thank you, and turned around, respecting the museum’s rights to turn them away. The museum called the police on the children, but no arrests were made. The friendly Jacksonville police officer made it clear that no other demonstrators, including children, were to attempt to set foot on museum property.

The museum made headlines earlier this month when it insisted that a same-sex couple would have to pay more for a family members than a “Mom and Dad.” It then raised the price for all families, punishing straight parents to avoid recognizing the gay ones. When the activists across the internet called out the museum’s discrimination, it responded by demanding an apology for the harassment — refusing to admit any discrimination even took place.