The Morning Pride: June 27, 2013

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Freedom to Marry and The Task Force have extensive FAQs about what the demise of the Defense of Marriage Act means for married same-sex couples.

– It will not be until the end of July that same-sex marriage comes back to California because the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has a waiting period after the Supreme Court decision before it can lift its stay on Judge Vaughan Walker’s injunction against Proposition 8.

– Lawmakers have reintroduced the Respect for Marriage Act to permanently remove DOMA from the lawbooks.

– Not only did Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) recommit to banning same-sex marriage in the state constitution, he then proceeded to delete pro-gay responses from his Facebook page.

– Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) told Tony Perkins Wednesday that he believes same-sex families are less stable for children, and thus marriage equality will increase “the cost of our social service welfare programs.”

– A number of celebrities, athletes, and other public figures offered favorable responses to Wednesday’s Supreme Court Decision on Twitter.

– Scotland has introduced its marriage equality bill.

– The Upper House of Australia’s island state of Tasmania has advanced a bill allowing same-sex adoption.

– DOMA plaintiff Edie Windsor told BuzzFeed that her victory “just feels glorious.” Watch her powerful statement after Wednesday’s decision was issued: