POLLS: Americans Largely Agree Or Don’t Care About Marriage Equality

Two new polls find consistent support for marriage equality in the wake of the Supreme Court’s actions last week. According to a USA Today poll, 55 percent support recognizing same-sex marriages under law, while only 40 percent are opposed. By a narrower margin, respondents supported the Court’s overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act 48-43.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll similarly finds that Americans are widely supportive or unfazed by the Supreme Court’s rulings. According to the results, 43 percent agree with the DOMA decision 15 percent neither agree nor disagree, and an additional 11 percent just “don’t know,” leaving only 31 percent who disagree. Similarly, 41 percent supported the return of marriage equality to California, while 17 percent neither agree nor disagree, 10 percent don’t know, and only 32 percent disagree.

This combined support and neutrality reflects the growing trend of support on the issue, but also perhaps a sense that there is little reason to be concerned. The demise of DOMA is a huge breakthrough for same-sex families, and if the country is responding with support or just a collective shrug, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it might speak to how normal it’s becoming for people to appreciate that gay people are an integral part of society and their own communities.