Liberty Counsel: Supporting Transgender Kids Is Criminally Bad Parenting


Tyler (Credit: Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)

Tyler (Credit: Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)

According to the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow, a family that is supporting their transgender child should be investigated for child abuse. The outlet ran a story Friday solely for the purpose of amplifying the anti-LGBT rhetoric of Matt Barber from the Liberty Counsel, a conservative legal group. Barber lashed out at a Maryland family profiled by the Washington Post about allowing their six-year-old, Tyler, live as a boy and how he’s thrived since they’ve affirmed his gender identity.

Barber believes the family should be prosecuted:

BARBER: In order to be hip and cool and trendy to facilitate this gender confusion and then to even prepare this baby for hormone abuse, to try to stall the onset of puberty, and to pump testosterone into this child, is nothing short of child abuse.

You know, I have three children. They demand lots of things. And I tell them, ‘No,’ and I explain to them why it is not in their best interests to have every demand.

The article concludes, “parents need to learn how to parent.”

Barber seems to care more about whether children are gender-conforming than whether they are happy and healthy. This is because he rejects the idea that gender identity is an innate quality, as opposed to misbehavior that needs to be corrected. Counseling professionals call for gender identity to be affirmed, opposing any attempt to discriminate against people for being trans.

Some children who experience gender dysphoria may grow up to be transgender, some may grow up to be gay, and some may grow up and leave their gender nonconforming past behind entirely. Regardless, nobody knows a child’s identity better than the child himself. By suggesting otherwise, hate groups like the AFA and Liberty Counsel are only perpetuating anti-trans stigma, promoting family rejection in the name of protecting children.