San Diego Lawmakers And Residents Object To Their Anti-Gay County Clerk


The mayor of the city of San Diego is in hot water over allegations of sexual harassment, but San Diegans are also turning against their county clerk, Ernest Dronenburg. Dronenburg is suing to reinstate Proposition 8, and has argued that he’s actually protecting same-sex couples, because it would be “cruel” to offer them marriage “and then take it away.” The County Board of Supervisors is not on board with his plans, and according to Supervisor Ron Roberts, they will meet in a closed session next week to review his actions:

As Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk, Ernest Dronenburg is an independently elected official. I strongly disagree with his decision to file this lawsuit and his subsequent public statements. He is acting on his own, without any direction or consultation from the Board of Supervisors, which was made clear last Friday in a statement I issued and a joint statement on behalf of the entire Board. We will be reviewing this matter with county attorneys during a closed session next week.

Voice of San Diego notes that Dronenburg’s lawsuit is actually a violation of his campaign promise that if Prop 8 is negated, he will treat same-sex couples “respect and dignity.” Because County Counsel Tom Montgomery rejected his request to file the petition, he personally hired Chuck LiMandri, a lawyer with a proud reputation of opposing LGBT equality, including defending harmful ex-gay therapy for minors. It’s unclear if his decision to hire outside counsel for county business is even legal. Besides, if Dronenburg truly wanted to protect same-sex couples from a legal challenge reinstating Proposition 8, he wouldn’t be pursuing one — let alone with an anti-gay lawyer.

It seems the residents of San Diego are similarly put off by his actions. A new U-T San Diego/10News poll finds that only 23 percent of San Diegans agree with his suit, while 52 percent disagree. A Facebook page calling for Dronenburg to be recalled already has over 500 Likes. (HT: Towleroad.)