The Morning Pride: July 29, 2013


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– Iowa 16-year-old AJ Betts is the latest teen to commit suicide after enduring bullying for being gay, making him the fifth suicide from Southeast Polk High School in the past five years.

– A Kentucky same-sex couple has filed suit challenging the state’s ban on recognizing their marriage.

– The Michigan county clerk who supports a same-sex family seeking marriage rights is already preparing new license forms.

– The Bronx continues to be barren of LGBT support; it has no full-time gay bar and no LGBT community center.

– A Portland, Oregon lesbian couple was kicked out of two different taxi cabs along the interstate for showing some affection, and the cab company actually called the police on them for not paying their fare.

Waco, Texas has unanimously added LGBT nondiscrimination protections to the city’s Equal Employment Opportunity policy.

– A Kansas man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple is asking a judge not to make him pay child support.

– A federal court has saved Filipino immigrant Dennis Vitug from deportation due to concerns he may face persecution because of his sexual orientation and HIV status if he returns home.

Canada has updated its travel advice on Russia, warning about the impact of its new laws against “gay propaganda.”

– The leader of Moscow’s LGBT movement has announced the group will not support a boycott of the Olympic Games in Sochi, but will hold Sochi Pride the opening day of the Winter Games.

NBC has announced its support of LGBT equality , but has not explained how that might support its coverage of the Sochi Olympics.

– The Pope has suggested he would be fine with gay priests, so long as they don’t “lobby.”

– Anti-gay activists protested the Lithuanian Pride Parade, but police were able to protect the march.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu says he’d rather go to Hell than worship a homophobic God.

– Former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, who harassed his players with anti-gay slurs, attended a GLSEN LGBT training for coaches.