San Diego Clerk Drops Challenge To Reinstate Proposition 8


Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr.

Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr.

The San Diego County Clerk who filed suit hoping the California Supreme Court would reinstate Proposition 8 has withdrawn his petition. In a statement released Friday, Ernest Dronenburg claimed he hopes the similar suit filed by Protect Marriage, the original proponents of the amendment, will advance more speedily without his clogging the Court’s process:

Because I am dropping my action, the California Supreme Court can start tomorrow in making a decision in the lead case of Hollingsworth v. O’Connell and Brown… We need to be able to remove the uncertainty in this area as soon as possible.

Dronenburg may have had other reasons for dropping his challenge. He didn’t receive any immediate relief, suggesting the Court was not particularly concerned by the “uncertainty” he claimed about whether same-sex couples could resume marrying in the state. Further, he continues to face significant backlash, both from residents who disapprove of his complaint, as well as the County Board of Supervisors, who will meet this week in a closed session to review Dronenburg’s actions. He may have even violated county law by hiring an outside attorney to represent him.