Focus On The Family: California Teachers Will Be ‘Identity Keepers’ For Transgender Students



Focus on the Family continues to oppose inclusive policies for transgender students, encouraging those who agree to urge California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) to veto a bill that would create gender identity protections in schools. In a guest post from its California affiliate, the California Family Alliance, Focus on the Family argues that such protections will force teachers to become “identity keepers” for “confused” children:

At a time when California education is coming under fire for poor performance, this bill will create further chaos as teachers will be forced to become identity keepers for a small number of children confused about their identity. That confusion will be exacerbated as thousands of unsuspecting students will suddenly find themselves face to face with opposite sex peers in their bathrooms, changing rooms and showers.

It is the students themselves who are the keepers of their identities; in fact, they are the least confused of anybody about their gender. It is those who would force them to use facilities that do not match their identities who are confused. Rather than “keeping” identities, the legislation will ensure that teachers respect students’ identities, making sure they feel fully included so the can best benefit from the learning environment.

A trans student forced into a locker room based on birth sex is more likely to look out of place than a trans student using the locker room that matches her or his identity. It is a violation of students’ privacy and an imposition on their learning experience to deny them access to restrooms, locker rooms, sports, or other activities merely because of discomfort about their gender identity. The Departments of Justice and Education recently arrived at a decision at a California school guaranteeing a trans student’s full inclusive access, documenting how the school’s discriminatory actions inhibited the student’s learning.

Focus on the Family has previously claimed that transgender identities do not even exist in “physical reality,” but that they’re also disordered and unhealthy.