The Morning Pride: August 22, 2013


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Wentworth Miller - GLAAD Meme– New York legislators are the latest to consider a ban on ex-gay therapy for minors.

– The National Organization for Marriage is upset that a new Fox News poll on marriage equality isn’t getting more attention, but the group should be careful what it wishes for.

– A new report on LGBT inclusion in California schools has found that they are falling short in providing safe learning environments.

– A new coalition has launched to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Indiana.

– One gay Indiana teen fears for his life after enduring a beating on the bus for being gay.

– The Iowa Ethics Board has rejected NOM’s proposal to remove its executive director from its investigation.

– A church in Collegedale, Tennessee has kicked out a lesbian couple because they supported the town’s proposal to provide benefits to same-sex partners of city employees.

– A Utah publisher has canceled an author’s novel because it refused to print that he had a boyfriend in his bio.

– Germany will become the first European country to legally recognize a “third gender”; children who are born intersex will no longer be arbitrarily assigned a male or female designation.

– NOM’s Brian Brown is quite proud to be fomenting homophobia abroad.

– LGBT acceptance is improving in Thailand, which may soon consider marriage equality.

– Actor Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) has come out as gay specifically to reject an invitation from a Russian film festival.