The Morning Pride: August 26, 2013


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– This weekend’s 50th Anniversary celebration of the March on Washington included many LGBT participants and LGBT-inclusive speeches.

– Alaska may soon offer benefits to the same-sex partners of state employees.

– A new poll finds that a 48 percent plurality of Ohioans support marriage equality; 42 percent are opposed.

– The Texas Supreme Court will consider whether it has jurisdiction over same-sex divorces.

New audio reveals homophobic San Antonio councilwoman Elisa Chan attacking the marriage of a former councilwoman who is legally married to a transgender woman.

– The Florida condo that had a husbands-and-wives only policy for sales and rentals has reversed that policy.

– Billionaire Jennifer Natalya Pritzker (nee Col. James Pritzker) has come out as transgender.

– An Iowa same-sex couple is relieved that their fight is over and both their names are now on their child’s birth certificate.

– Another French mayor has refused to marry a same-sex couple.

– Uruguay’s marriage equality law is now in effect and couples are marrying.

– Meet the gay Russian teen who is fighting homophobia on Twitter.

– Australian snowboarder and Olympic hopeful Belle Brockhoff is the latest to speak out against Russia’s anti-gay law, worrying she’ll have to “go back into the closet.”