Nasty Anti-LGBT Flyers Urge Recall Of School Board Member Who Helped Save Gabrielle Giffords’ Life


Sunnyside District School Board Member Daniel Hernandez, Jr.

Sunnyside District School Board Member Daniel Hernandez, Jr.

A group in Tucson, AZ, is seeking to recall Daniel Hernandez, Jr., the Congressional-intern-turned-school board member who helped save the life of then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) after she was shot in January 2011. Flyers apparently being circulated by supporters of the recall attack the openly-gay Hernandez for not being a “real man” and for his support of gun violence prevention efforts.

Right Wing Watch reports that Marcos A. Castro, the manager of the recall effort, has thus far refused to answer questions about whether his group is behind the anti-LGBT attacks on Hernandez. If Castro can collect 1,345 signatures by December 14, the recall will go on the ballot. His official recall filing argues that “Henandez’s bevaior demonstrates ineffectiveness and portrays a negative image to our school district,” that he is “deceitful in his communication with the community,” and that he “does no have the courage to make difficult decisions and withstand criticism from people who hold opposing views.” It also suggests that Hernandez and his family have made “unsubstantiated accusations against other board members” and that he has missed some board meetings.

But the message on the flyers is much more explicitly hateful. One claims that Hernandez “cares about only one things [sic] taking your guns away. He doesn’t care about our kids. He doesn’t care about our community.” Since the Giffords shooting, Hernandez has worked on behalf of gun violence prevent — an issue that absolutely has to do with the safety of kids.


The other flyer urgers voterts to replace Hernandez with a “real man” who “will support Sports and cares about our kids.” It suggests that Hernandez is someone who “hates our values.”


Castro told Right Wing Watch on Monday that the flyers are real, but denied any involvement.

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