The Morning Pride: September 9, 2013


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Virginia will join Alabama in providing benefits to the same-sex spouses of National Guard servicemembers even though the state does not recognize same-sex marriage.

– A Tennessee school is refusing to allow a “safe zone” poster to be rehung in a hallway while the school board investigates the bullying policy.

– A South Carolina teacher has been sued for bullying a gay student extensively who recently attempted suicide.

– A new study finds that LGBT teenagers face a higher risk of dating abuse.

– The Colville Tribal Council in Washington state has approved marriage equality.

– The new more-anti-gay Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts of America finally has a name: “Trail Life USA.”

– The American Family Association figured out “the real problem with homosexuality“: gay people openly talk about having sex with the same sex.

– A transgender student is attempting to become homecoming queen at Huntington Beach High School in California.

– A Missouri man has been charged with spreading HIV to as many as 300 sexual partners.

– The top 12 strangest arguments against marriage equality from Scotland’s first committee hearing.

– A Russian gay activist says he felt “let down” from his meeting with President Obama.

– Some stolen documents from the Ugandan Parliament reveals some extreme anti-gay propaganda used to support the proposed “Kill The Gays” bill.

– A survey of gay men in India disproves the myth that they all have anal sex — over 25 percent do not.