The Morning Pride: September 12, 2013


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– Meet one Illinois same-sex couple that will now never have the chance to marry.

– A Michigan House committee adjourned without taking up two bills that would allow adoption agencies to engage in any form of discrimination.

– A gay couple in Tulsa, Oklahoma is attempting to file their state tax returns jointly, challenging the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

– The AFL-CIO has once again endorsed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

– A Wisconsin school district is creating unisex bathrooms to accommodate transgender students.

– Cornell University is introducing gender-neutral housing this semester.

– The city of Osaka, Japan is the first in the country to support LGBT rights.

– The country of Turkey has banned the app Grindr as a “protective measure.”

– A transgender teen in the United Kingdom has been denied hormone blockers by his doctor that would halt the development of his biologically female body.

– Young soccer players in the UK have been found to be quite welcoming of a gay teammate.

– The CEO of Roti Mediterranean Grill is proud of his company’s support of LGBT equality.