NOM To Gay Community: Your Sexual Revolution Is A ‘Phase’ That Won’t Work Out


Jennifer Roback MorseJennifer Roback Morse of the National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute has a message for the gay community, or as she describes her audience, “our brothers and sister who experience same-sex attraction as a permanent part of their personalities.” She wants everybody to know that this new “phase” of the sexual revolution will not work out for gays and lesbians, but the “marriage movement” will embrace any survivors from the “great social civil war of our time”:

MORSE: I would like to say a word to our brothers and sister who experience same-sex attraction as a permanent part of their personalities. You may not realize this, but many of us in the marriage movement are survivors of earlier phases of the sexual revolution. We found it didn’t work for us — the hookups, divorce, single motherhood, cohabitation. Only a few were wise enough to see from the beginning that this would end badly. It would be astonishing if this new phase of the sexual revolution works any better for you than the earlier stages worked for us.

The sexual revolution has been one empty promise after another. If any of you come to this conclusion, we will welcome you to the marriage movement, our ragtag ranks of refugees, defectors, and displaced persons from the great social civil war of our time.

Listen to it (via Jeremy Hooper at NOM Exposed):

Morse’s understanding of sexual orientation seems to be regressing. She has previously admitted that she doesn’t accept the terms “gay” or “homosexual” because she believes a same-sex orientation is just a temptation that should be rejected in favor of chastity. She has even suggested that “a person can stop acting in a gay way,” which gay men in particular should want to do because they are ashamed of being “deeply wrong.” Morse has also openly endorsed ex-gay therapy, and the Ruth Institute has prayed for the “conversion” of gay people because they are “deeply wounded spiritually.”

If, however, having same-sex attractions is just a “phase,” Morse and the rest of NOM could actually spend less time arguing against the “homosexual lifestyle” and just wait it out.