The Morning Pride: September 23, 2013


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Bi Pride Flag Banner

– Today is Celebrate Bisexuality Day, and bi advocates will meet at the White House about how to better support the bi community.

– Tennessee denies name changes to same-sex couples that marry in another state.

– New Mexico Attorney General Gary King (D) issues a new statement supporting marriage equality, pointing out that such civil rights rights issues should not be put to a popular vote.

– Sean Eldridge, LGBT Activist and husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, announced Sunday he’ll be running for Congress in New York state.

– Texas Republican candidates unanimously oppose LGBT equality.

– Conservatives in San Antonio are trying to recall city council members who supported the LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance.

– A student at Smith College wants to start a straights-only sorority because she feels marginalized as a minority.

– Finland’s Parliament may soon consider marriage equality thanks to a successful citizen’s initiative.

– A Costa Rica court has closed a loophole in a law that might have allowed for same-sex civil unions.

– Watch as an official from the International Olympic Committee does her best to defend her belief that Russia will simply not enforce its own anti-gay laws during the Sochi 2014 games.

– The Metropolitan Opera House is not dedicating its Tchaikovsky performance to the oppressed gay citizens of Russia because the Met simply doesn’t take political stances.