Barilla Pasta Chairman Issues Video Non-Apology For Anti-Gay Remarks


Last week, Guido Barilla, chairman of the eponymous Italian pasta company, said that he strongly opposes same-sex adoption and will never feature gay couples in Barilla’s advertisements. After a severe international backlash, Barilla offered various (non-)apologies through social media, followed by a video apology released on Saturday. In it, Guido Barilla once again apologizes only to “those who have been offended” without recanting any of his actual offenses:

BARILLA: Through my entire life, I have always respected every person I’ve met, including gays and their families, without any distinction. I’ve never discriminated against anyone. I have heard the countless reactions around the world to my words, which depressed and saddened me. It is clear that I have a lot to learn about the lively debate concerning the evolution of the family.

In the coming weeks, I pledge to meet representatives of the groups that best represent the evolution of the family, including those who have been offended by my words.

Watch it:

Meanwhile, the backlash against Barilla continues. A growing petition is calling on Barilla to declare a commitment to full equality, including LGBT nondiscrimination policies, full benefits for same-sex couples, and sensitivity training to ensure an inclusive work environment. Other pasta companies are capitalizing on his remarks by highlighting their support for LGBT equality, including these images from Bertolli and Buitoni:

Bertolli Inclusive Pasta Ad

Buitoni Inclusive Pasta Ad