The Morning Pride: October 7, 2013


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– A new poll finds that 57 percent of Nevadans are prepared to repeal the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

– The National Organization for Marriage remains quite cozy with the Illinois Family Institute, an anti-LGBT hate group, in opposing marriage equality for the supposed sake of the children.

– Meanwhile, Maggie Gallagher continues to peddle a Regnerus-like study with no foundation for its negative conclusions about same-sex parenting.

– Mormon Apostle Dallin Oaks explained over the weekend that the Church’s position on homosexuality hasn’t changed; acting on same-sex attraction is a sin and “immoral,” and may also be to blame for the country’s declining birthrate.

– After blocking marriage equality scholar from speaking on campus, Providence College has now passed a non-discrimination statement that includes sexual orientation and gender identity.

– American Catholics like the new Pope, but remain more liberal on social issues than the Church’s leadership.

– Two Columbia, South Carolina police officers refused to help protect the South Carolina Pride Parade, but their superiors are not pleased with the compromise.

– Concord High School in New Hampshire named its first transgender homecoming king last weekend, Ray Ramsey.

– Florida teen Kaitlyn Hunt has accepted a plea deal for the charges of having a relationship with an underage girl.

– The State Department has issued new guidance warning LGBT travelers who may be headed for Russia.

– Russia has stopped all adoptions to Sweden because the country affords equal rights to same-sex couples.

– Colombia’s first same-sex marriage has been annulled in response to a constitutional challenge from an anti-equality group.

– Meet Harvard Business Schools’ first openly transgender student.

– One Texas dad had a creative solution after his son got in trouble for bullying; he had to stand by a busy street holding a sign that read, “I am a bully! Honk if you hate bullies.”