California Republican Party Endorses Anti-Transgender Discrimination

CREDIT: Reed Saxon, Associated Press

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) provided the keynote speech at this weekend's California Republican Convention.

At this weekend’s California Republican Party convention, the uber-conservative tea party helped influence a number of policy positions, including an endorsement of anti-transgender discrimination. One of the committees discussed the recently passed law that ensures transgender students have equal access to activities and facilities in schools and approved a resolution — albeit by a split vote — to support the repeal effort. There was, at least, some disagreement about how to proceed:

Gregory Gandrud, a regional vice chairman for the party, warned members of a committee considering backing the repeal to be cautious about the message the party is sending at a time when it’s trying to broaden its membership.

To build the party “we have to be very careful how we portray ourselves publicly,” he said, adding that there could be other ways to deal with the issue. He urged members to consider “the message that comes out of this convention.” The committee approved a resolution supporting the repeal on a split vote.

The repeal effort has been spearheaded by a group known as the Capitol Resource Institute (CRI), which may have been operating illegally due to not providing the IRS with the necessary financial information to remain tax-exempt. The National Organization for Marriage’s Frank Schubert is advising CRI’s “Privacy For All Students” petitioning campaign, which NOM in turn has endorsed in violation of its own mission statement. According to the campaign, it harms society when “being male and being female are stripped from societal norms and we’re guided into a genderless future.”