The Morning Pride: October 21, 2013


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– Marriage equality took effect today in New Jersey! More on that in a bit.

– The New Mexico Supreme Court will consider a marriage equality lawsuit on Wednesday, and given there is no law explicitly banning same-sex marriage there, could rule rather promptly.

– The National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown is back in Russia stoking homophobia.

– The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas refuses to add gender identity protections to its nondiscrimination policy.

– The Town Council of West Union, South Carolina, has accepted an apology from Mayor Linda Oliver who objected to “queers” shoving marriage equality down her throat.

– A fake PAC in Louisiana is attacking New Orleans traffic court judge candidate Richard Perque with homophobic mailers.

– Missouri state Rep. Kevin Elmer (R) is upset that high school students wearing gay-straight alliance T-shirts promoting “HARMONY” were volunteering at an elementary school book fair.

– More than 30 United Methodist pastors in Eastern Pennsylvania will jointly officiate a same-sex marriage next month, showing solidarity for a fellow pastor who might be ousted from his position for officiating his own son’s same-sex marriage.

– Detroit Baptist Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams stepped down from Zion Progress Baptist Church after announcing she had married a woman.

– France has approved its first same-sex adoption.

– Russian lawmakers have withdrawn a bill that would disqualify gay parents from custody of their own children — for now.

– Following tabloid rumors that Bruce Jenner may be transgender, BuzzFeed published a transphobic list claiming to prove Jenner is “100% Man, Baby.”

Anti-gay baseball fans were outraged that Major League Baseball would participate in Spirit Day and stand up to bullying.