Ex-Gay ‘Courage Award’ Recipient Still Has Same-Sex Attractions


This summer, the new ex-gay group Voice of the Voiceless (VoV) attempted to raise the profile of the ex-gay movement through a failed “Ex-Gay Pride Month” in July and a clandestine “Ex-Gay Awareness” dinner in September. It now seems that the public face of those efforts still has same-sex attractions.

At the dinner, VoV awarded its “Courage Award” to Trace McNutt, a former self-described “Satanic Drag Queen” who struggled with sex addiction and drug addiction, but who then “came out of homosexuality” and was supposedly harassed by the gay community for doing so.

In a new interview with radio host Janet Parshall, however, McNutt admitted that he was not actually “healed” of his homosexuality:

A lot of people who struggle with homosexuality have found freedom and deliverance from homosexuality, and they’re married now… But we know God heals some and others he didn’t. Paul prayed three times for a thorn to be removed and God said, “No, My grace is sufficient.” For me, the thorn remains…. Not all homosexuals get delivered of the same-sex attraction.

Listen to it (via Right Wing Watch):

McNutt was one of the only ex-gay individuals publicly profiled by VoV’s campaigns. A video posted for “Ex-Gay Pride” was mostly dedicated to McNutt’s story, which was then simply recut for the video featuring him as the Courage Award winner. Defending the low turnout at their events, VoV ironically argued that “one ex-gay is enough” to challenge the “born that way” understanding of homosexuality. Watch McNutt’s story: