Indianapolis Chamber Of Commerce Opposes Constitutional Ban On Same-Sex Marriage


The Indy Chamber, Indianapolis’ business coalition, has come out in opposition to a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Indiana. According to John Thompson, chairman of the Chamber’s board, the amendment would deter talent from moving to the state:

THOMPSON: The Indy Chamber is in the business of strengthening our economy and attracting top talent to our region. The proposed marriage amendment does nothing to help show the nation that Indiana is a place that welcomes all, not just some, and we must be mindful of how actions such as this will impact our competitiveness on a national and global level.

In its press release, the Indy Chamber also noted that the amendment would be redundant because Indiana already bans same-sex marriage through state laws:

Indy Chamber leadership recognizes that the amendment would duplicate existing Indiana law, which already defines marriage between one man and one woman. The amendment is a distraction from building momentum in the state legislature to address economic and workforce development challenges in the Indianapolis region and across the state.

Read the full statement of opposition (via Chris Geidner at BuzzFeed).

The statewise Indiana Chamber of Commerce has remained neutral on the amendment because its members disagree.

Indiana’s legislature already voted once to approve the anti-gay amendment back in 2011. A second vote is required during the 2013–2014 legislative session before it can advance to a referendum, and the Republicans decided to delay that consideration until 2014. Gov. Mike Pence (R) also supports the amendment, and was even caught censoring pro-gay comments from his Facebook page back in June.

A poll conducted last December found Indiana voters split 45-45 on the issue of marriage equality, but only 38 percent supported the proposed amendment.