How The Incendiary Rhetoric Against Transgender Youth Is Escalating


Six-year-old Coy Mathis

Six-year-old Coy Mathis

Conservatives are continuing to ramp up their rhetoric against transgender youth, using the Pacific Justice Institute’s (PJI) fabricated story about Colorado teen Jane Doe to justify overturning California’s new law protecting transgender students. All Jane seemed to do is go the bathroom, but her mere existence and use of the school facilities seems to be agitating conservatives to use some particularly incendiary rhetoric.

Disgraced Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, who recently announced he’s running for state office in Colorado, added to the attacks on Jane this week, accusing her of “raping — at least visually — these teenage girls” who were in the locker room with her [trigger warning: Jane is misgendered]:

KLINGENSCHMITT: Now the public school children are being told by a demonic spirit, “You must open up your daughter’s privacy to our perversion.” And this demonic spirit inside of this boy is now violating, and for all intents and purposes, he’s raping — at least visually — these teenage girls.

Watch it (via Right Wing Watch):

David Kupelian, managing editor of the uber-conservative site WorldNetDaily, offered his own concern this week about Coy Mathis, the six-year-old Colorado trans student who also successfully fought for the right to use the bathroom she identifies with at school. In addition to suggesting to radio host Janet Mefferd that Coy’s parents somehow forced her gender identity upon her as a form of “child abuse,” he described trans equality as Halloween “ghoulishness”:

KUPELIAN: This is a transgender six-year-old. Look, this is child abuse: to go and tell this six-year-old child who was born a boy is actually a girl, but they sued and they won. This is sort of the new emerging civil rights movement, as ghoulish as it seems — it’s just in time for Halloween I guess. But this is sweeping the nation right now.

Listen to it (via Good As You):

The Pacific Justice Institute’s Brad Dacus is convinced that allowing trans students equal access to school facilities is a violation of other students’ privacy, but it’s because, he says, some girls simply “do not appreciate” sharing those spaces with a trans student [trigger warning: more misgendering]:

DACUS: This school district in Colorado, by placating and allowing this boy to, at will, use the girls’ restrooms or the girls’ lockerrooms – simply because sometimes he says feels like a girl – is an egregious violation of the right to privacy of the other students. Particularly the young girls in the school who do not appreciate having a boy walk in when they are dressing in the locker room or showering or using the bathroom.

We cannot allow young people to have their rights of privacy so egregiously disrespected and mentally and emotionally harmed just because of a few fanatical activists wishing to push their cause at the extent of everyone else.

There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly unique about Jane Doe; she simply had the misfortune of existing in a community where a few intolerant families rallied against her and used an anti-LGBT group to draw national attention to her. But PJI is simply using Jane as an example. There are trans young people in schools all across the country just like Jane who simply want to be safe in school — to be able to go the bathroom or change clothes for phys ed without being ostracized to a staff bathroom or nurse’s office. How that has any impact on other students remains unclear.