NOM Rejects Transgender Youths Because ‘Nakedness Trumps Sincerity’


The National Organization for Marriage is once again attacking transgender young people as it supports the so-called “Privacy for All Students” campaign to overturn California’s laws protecting transgender students.

In a new fundraising pitch Thursday, NOM’s Brian Brown blatantly rejected transgender identities, applauding a supposed “bathroom backlash” in California. Labeling transgender girls as “boys,” Brown explained that “nakedness trumps sincerity”; i.e., these trans youths should be reduced to their genitalia:

I know it sounds like the end of a “slippery slope” scenario: “If we don’t do this or that, then we will have boys in the girls’ locker rooms”. But it is true. […]

Nakedness trumps sincerity. I do not want a naked boy in front of a young girl in the shower or bathroom even if he sincerely identifies as a girl. […]

How can we claim that this will decrease bullying, when forcing boys and girls to share bathrooms IS bullying?

This reflects the escalating incendiary rhetoric against transgender youth, and notably, the Pacific Justice Institute’s (PJI) claim that allowing trans students access to facilities that match their identities is “inherently intimidating and harassing” to other students in those facilities. PJI even manufactured a story about a Colorado transgender student who was accused of “harassing” other girls in the bathroom; the language only changed to “inherently harassing” after the claims against the student were debunked.

Given that creating inclusive schools for transgender students has nothing to do with marriage, it seems the only reason for NOM’s involvement is that its political director, Frank Schubert, is managing the referendum campaign. Brown hopes he can “gently persuade” NOM’s regular supporters to sign onto a campaign that has nothing to do with the organization’s mission.