The Morning Pride: November 5, 2013


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Mississippi and Texas may join Oklahoma in defying Pentagon directive that National Guard members have their same-sex spouses recognized by state facilities.

– A researcher at the University of Maine has found that the more conservative a state is, the more inflated polling on marriage equality may be, because people tend to say what they think will sound “socially desirable” — a sort of LGBT “Bradley Effect.”

– Though a new poll shows that 52 percent of South Carolinians oppose marriage equality, that’s a far cry from the 78 percent who voted for the state’s anti-gay amendment in 2006.

Wabash College and DePauw University have come out against Indiana’s proposed amendment banning same-sex marriage.

– A Kansas inmate says the husband he legally married in Iowa is not allowed to visit him.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has called on the Senate to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

– How an anti-gay Mississippi town obstructed a gay bar from opening — an action for which the town is now being sued.

– Meet the college athlete, diver Jesse Allard, who came out as gay, returned to the closet, and then came out again for good.

– AllOut is developing a new film calling on the International Olympic Committee to do more to protect LGBT athletes at the Russian Winter Games. Here’s a tease: