The Morning Pride: November 8, 2013


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– Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) will sign the marriage equality bill on November 20.

– A Hawaii judge isn’t convinced that there’s a legal challenge against the legislature passing marriage equality, at least not until it actually does.

– Protesters at the Hawaii Capitol for today’s marriage equality will be split up equally between supporters and opponents.

– The Arkansas Attorney General has finally approved language to add marriage equality to the state constitution.

– The Florida Supreme Court has issued a ruling in a custody battle between a separated lesbian couple that the woman who donated her egg so they could have a child has rights even though she didn’t carry the child.

– A Kansas 8th-grader has been suspended from school for wearing a colorful Vera Bradley bag.

– A gay man in Chickasha, Oklahoma says he and his boyfriend were asked to leave Walmart by an employee who disapproved of their homosexuality.

Hate crime charges have been filed against a 16-year-old in California for attacking a genderqueer teenager by lighting the individual’s skirt on fire.

– A California teacher and football coach says he was harassed and lost his job for being gay.

– An investigation uncovered the IRS employee who leaked the National Organization for Marriage’s tax form, and now NOM has filed suit.

– The European Court of Human Rights ruled Thursday that civil unions must be made available to same-sex couples if made available to different-sex couples.

– Waiting for that phone call can be one of the most stressful parts of the adoption journey: