The Morning Pride: November 13, 2013


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– The Hawaii Senate granted final passage to marriage equality. Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) will sign the bill today.

– Meet some of the groups trying to repeal California’s protections for transgender students.

– A Florida court has ordered the University of Central Florida to reveal documents related to the publishing of Mark Regnerus’ infamously flawed study on same-sex parenting.

– Pope Francis’ change of tone on homosexuality may have assuaged some Illinois lawmakers enough to vote for marriage equality, but the U.S. Bishops just promoted the individual who used to be chiefly responsible for opposing marriage equality.

– The Catholic Church is continuing to punish Illinois groups — this time the YMCA at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — for being affiliated with the state’s Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights because of its support for marriage equality.

– Bill O’Reilly thinks allowing trans students to use the restroom is comparable to a middle school football coach taking his players to Hooters.

– Pat Robertson believes the parents of gay children should check to make sure they weren’t molested.

– Five women have been arrested in Senegal for violating the country’s law against same-sex relationships.

– A Massachusetts teenager is challenging Apple to remove from its dictionary a definition for “gay” that means “foolish” or “stupid.”

– Meet Rhode Island high school coach Stephen Alexander, the first openly trans coach in the country.