POLL: Maine Voters Unfazed By Marriage Equality


A new Public Policy Polling poll finds that marriage equality has not had a big impact on Maine — beyond same-sex couples marrying. Support continues to be strong in general, with 54 percent continuing to favor marriage equality with just 37 percent opposed. Approval is even higher among independents (57-31) and voters under 30 (65-26).

What’s most notable is how little impact a year of marriage equality has had on its detractors. Only 13 percent feel that it’s had a negative impact on their lives, compared to 87 percent who believe it’s had a positive (15 percent) or neutral (72 percent) impact. Even among those who are opposed to marriage equality, 70 percent acknowledge that it hasn’t actually negatively influenced their lives.

Last year, Maine became the ninth state to legally recognize same-sex marriage. The recent passage of legislation in Illinois and Hawaii will bring the total to 16 states and the District of Columbia.