Hate Group Praises Gay Legislator For Voting Against Marriage Equality

CREDIT: YouTube.

Hawaii Rep. Jo Jordan (D)

Hawaii Rep. Jo Jordan (D)

Last week, Hawaii state Rep. Jo Jordan (D) made history by becoming the first openly gay lawmaker to vote against marriage equality. She explained that she sympathized with those opponents who feel that their religion compels them to discriminate against same-sex couples. Now, the Family Research Council, an anti-gay hate group, has praised Jordan for the stand that she took.

Not only is FRC thrilled to have a gay lawmaker side with religious-based anti-gay discrimination, the group then uses Jordan’s experience to paint the entire LGBT community as “hostile”:

During the hearings, when she hadn’t stated her position, Jordan says that she expected “to get blasted by the religious community.” Instead, pastors and faith leaders stunned her with their outpouring of thanks just for listening. The people who were truly hostile, Jordan says, were her own LGBT community. […]

It doesn’t matter who you are, homosexual activists will harass anyone who isn’t one hundred percent sold out to their radical agenda to remake society. Unfortunately, Jo Jordan found that out the hard way. Hopefully, her story will help dissuade others from trying to appease the extreme Left on marriage.

When Jordan was explaining her position, she admitted that her vote ran the “risk of not allowing same-gender couples to get married on December 2,” adding, “I can’t stop that, I’m sorry.”