The Morning Pride: December 2, 2013


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– Same-sex couples are officially marrying in Hawaii.

– Vernita Gray and Pat Ewert have become the first same-sex couple to marry in Illinois.

– President Obama issued a proclamation recognizing World AIDS Day 2013, which was Sunday.

– Two couples have filed a suit challenging Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage.

– The federal lawsuit challenging Louisiana hit a roadblock; it was dismissed on the ground of lack of jurisdiction, but the attorneys will file an amended complaint.

– A lesbian couple is hoping Mississippi will grant them a divorce.

– The Salvation Army willingly took down links to ex-gay ministries from its website in response to a petition from Truth Wins Out.

– Colleges are increasingly recognizing students “preferred” pronouns.

– The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology has reversed its position and confirmed that its members can treat male patients for sexually transmitted infections and screen them for anal cancer.

– A study out of Ireland finds that almost 80 percent of transgender people have considered suicide, and 40 percent have actually attempted it.

– A gay couple arrested for trespassing after being refused a marriage license in Louisville, Kentucky have be fined one cent.

– The waitress who falsely claimed a couple denied her a tip for being a lesbian is apparently a pathological liar.

– Croatia voters have approved a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

– The Church of England, fresh off the heels of opposing same-sex marriage, may now consider blessing same-sex marriages.

– The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Russian gay man should be granted asylum.

– Russian LGBT activists met with International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and urged him to take a stronger position against the country’s anti-gay laws.

– Tens of thousands protested same-sex marriage in Taiwan on Saturday.

– British Olympic diver Tom Daley has come out that he is currently dating a guy and “couldn’t be happier.”

– Duncan McAlpine Sennett of Portland, Oregon used his Bar Mitzvah as an occasion to explain his support for marriage equality: