The Morning Pride: December 9, 2013


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– The New York Times estimates that 1 in 20 men have same-sex attractions, but many are closeted.

– The Congressional Hispanic Caucus voted last week to endorse the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

– The Oregon marriage equality ballot initiative campaign has hit its goal of collecting signatures.

What don’t you know about Gender Confirmation Surgery for transgender people?

– Two transgender people died over the past few weeks in Cleveland, Ohio, and several local media outlets have misgendered them.

– Attorney John Scarpa, defending a murder suspect, claimed that his client deserved less time in prison because the victim was transgender and thus didn’t belong to “certain classes of individuals.”

– The waitress accused of lying about not receiving a tip because of her “lifestyle” has lost her job at the restaurant where she worked. She has also returned some of the donations she received.

– Cecilia Perez-Matos, daughter of former Venezuelan President Carlos Andre Perez, is going to marry her same-sex partner in Ohio.

– China’s Hunan province has rejected the creation of an LGBT activist charity because homosexuality is “against spiritual civilization construction” and “in violation of morals.”

– Same-sex couples living in the Australian Capital Territory began marrying last week during a five day window before the High Court rules on the validity of the DC-like territory’s law.

– During his concert in Russia, Elton John openly denounced Russia’s anti-gay laws, calling them “inhumane” and “isolating.”

– Watch Tom Daley’s full interview on The Jonathan Ross Show in which he describes his “love at first sight”: