The Morning Pride: December 13, 2013


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– A New Jersey Senate committee has advanced a bill that would allow transgender people to obtain a new birth certificate matching their gender identity without undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

– The Coast Guard Academy has had its first-ever same-sex marriage announcement.

– Westminster, California has approved a Vietnamese new year’s parade even though LGBT people have been banned from participating.

– Did Facebook censor a post from the LGBT group Youth Allies about India’s court ruling reinstating sodomy laws?

– Pat Robertson encouraged a follower to stay away from her old lesbian friend lest she have a negative influence on her children.

– Diane Gramely of the America Family Association of Pennsylvania believes that AIDS research just funds the promotion of homosexuality.

– On December 31, Ireland will begin recognizing all same-sex unions from other countries, including, for example, Colorado’s civil unions.

– Thousands of Indians are planning to go “gay for a day” to protest the Supreme Court’s decision.

– Bob Newhart is planning to keynote a conference for a Catholic group that promotes ex-gay therapy.

– The ACLU is looking for five same-sex couples to marry — in states where it’s not currently legal: