The Morning Pride: December 17, 2013


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– The Social Security Administration has begun processing benefits for widows and widowers of same-sex spouses, but it’s still unclear whether couples living in states that don’t recognize their marriages will be able to claim benefits.

– PolitiFact awarded the Traditional Values Coalition a shiny red “FALSE” for claiming that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act “discriminates against Christian daycare, Christian parents, Christian business owners, and the rights of religious freedom.”

– The New Jersey Senate has withdrawn a proposed marriage equality bill because it would impose religious exemptions that were not part of the October court ruling.

– Police investigating two different murders of transgender women in Cleveland believe the killings were motivated by hate.

– The anti-gay group that started as an alternative to the Boy Scouts of America, Trail Life, also prohibits adult leaders who aren’t Christian, including Jews and Muslims.

Louisiana newspapers are not accurately portraying Tony Perkins’ conservative extremism when writing about his political career.

– The Pope has removed a conservative cardinal from a prominent position in the Catholic Church, presumably to place someone more inclusive into the role.

– A Russian toy store is being investigated for “gay propaganda” because of a party game that, according to the conservative Parent’s Committee, “instructs players to act out the seduction of members of the same-sex like in an erotic film.”

– ESPN writer/editor Christina Kahrl recently spoke with an audience about what it was like coming out as trans in the world of sportsl ten years ago.