An Hour After A Federal Judge Struck Down Utah’s Same Sex Marriage Ban, This Couple Got Married And Documented It On Twitter

CREDIT: @jsethanderson


CREDIT: @jsethanderson

Minutes after a federal court ruled that Utah’s same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional, Seth Anderson went to the clerk’s office to marry his partner. He documented the process on Twitter.

It’s possible that an emergency stay could invalidate the marriage in the future — or at least cast it into limbo until the case reaches a final decision on appeal. You can check out our full analysis of the decision here.


Several dozen couples, if not as many as 124, managed to get married on Friday in Salt Lake City, and likely more across the state. Not every clerk was willing to abide the ruling, however, with the clerk in conservative Utah County, where Provo is located, explaining he would wait for further clarification. The state has appealed the case and requested an emergency stay, which would close the window in which marriages could take place, but the judge might not address that request for a couple of days.

Here then, are a few more of the couples who rushed to tie the knot:

Democratic State Senator and Utah Democratic Party Chairman Jim Dabakis married his partner, and Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker officiated (HT: Towleroad):

Jim Dabakis Marrying

On Twitter, Adam Gardiner wrote, “Congrats to my sister, their two children and “new” sister in law on their marriage today:

Adam Gardiner's Sister's Family

ABC 4 News shared this picture of another newlywed couple with their daughter:

ABC 4 News Family

And here’s an interview from The Salt Lake Tribune with Michael Ferguson and Seth Anderson, the couple above who were perhaps the first to obtain a license:

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