Former Florida Governor Apologizes For Anti-Gay Record


Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (D)

Charlie Crist, who served as Governor of Florida from 2007 to 2011 as a Republican, is currently running for his old job as a Democrat. In addition to renouncing his old party, Crist apologized in a newly published interview for his anti-LGBT record as Florida Attorney General, Governor, and a 2010 Senate candidate.

In an interview with Watermark Online, an LGBT news site, Crist was pushed to explain his record prior to his May 2013 announcement that he now supports same-sex marriage equality.

WATERMARK: You’ve recently articulated support for marriage equality, adoption rights, employment non-discrimination protections… pretty much all the acknowledged ingredients of full LGBT equality. At the same time, I think it’s legitimate for members of the LGBT community to be skeptical.When you first ran for governor in 2006, you said that a ban on same-sex marriage was unnecessary, but then you signed a petition to place Amendment 2 [banning same-sex marriage] on the ballot…

CRIST: …and I’m sorry. I’m sorry I did that. It was a mistake. I was wrong. Please forgive me.

Crist acknowledged that his previous support for the marriage inequality amendment and opposition to same-sex couples adopting were politically expedient and morally wrong. Those actions, he explained, “were examples of me trying to be a good Republican. I couldn’t do it anymore, and I’m sorry I did. I made a mistake. I’m not perfect… please don’t hold me to that standard. And I’m sincerely sorry.”

Crist pledgedto support an employment non-discrimination bill, to push for marriage equality, and to include LGBT issues on his campaign website. Incumbent Gov. Rick Scott (R), he noted, opposes same-sex marriage.

(HT: Lisa Keen)