The Morning Pride: January 15, 2014


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– Maryland lawmakers have again introduced a bill to protect transgender people from discrimination.

– An Idaho House Committee has advanced a decision that would prevent same-sex couples from filing their state taxes jointly.

– A new poll finds that Utahans are split 48-48 on both marriage equality and 45-45 on same-sex adoption, but 72 percent support civil unions or domestic partnerships.

– The National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown has been extending his international influence by absorbing the Spanish petition platform CitizenGO into his fundraising platform ActRight.

– South Carolina state Sen. Lee Bright (R), who is challenging U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) from the right, believes that federal judges who rule in favor of marriage equality should be impeached.

– A lesbian couple that recently moved to South Carolina can no longer receive social security checks to support their son, who has physical disabilities related to spina bifida, because South Carolina doesn’t recognize their marriage.

– A North Carolina gay couple was told their insurance was canceled by Blue Cross Blue Shield because of their same-sex marriage.

– A California transgender high school student has been suspended for violating the girls’ dress code, which she did to protest the fact that she is not allowed to use the girls’ facilities.

– Britain’s Association of Christian Counselors has banned ex-gay therapy.

– The AP is reporting that dozens of gay men are being arrested in Nigeria under the new anti-gay law, but the U.S. State Department is still “trying to confirm” these reports.

– UK Prime Minster David Cameron has broken his promise to sanction Nigeria for its anti-gay law, instead offering to increase aid by over a third from last year.

– Since France began legally recognizing same-sex couples’ marriages last May, about 7,000 couples have tied the knot.

– Semi-pro soccer player Liam Davis of the Gainsborough Trinity has come out as gay.