The Morning Pride: January 22, 2014


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– Marriage equality hasn’t even taken effect in Illinois yet, but one lawmaker already wants to repeal it.

Six same-sex couples in Florida have filed a suit in state court challenging the ban on their right to marry.

– The ACLU is suing Utah to recognize the same-sex couples who married during the December-January window in which they could.

– A new poll shows that 60 percent of Utahans support a law that would protect people from employment discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation.

– Sister Mary Tracy, the president of the Washington Catholic school that fired a vice principal for marrying his same-sex partner and told him he could have his job back if he divorced, has resigned.

– In a rambling letter last month, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni denounced the “Kill The Gays” bill, but stopped short of blocking it, leaving its fate up in the air. According to the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, he has promised he will reject it.

– Meanwhile, a retired British man is being deported from Uganda for having gay sex, also known in that country as “corrupting Uganda’s youth.”

– A bill making it easier for transgender people to update their identity documents advanced in Chile’s Senate on Tuesday.

– COLAGE has developed a new blog called KidSafe for the children of LGBTQ parents “to document the struggles, rewards, and experiences that come along with having one or more LGBTQ parent.”