Indian Supreme Court Refuses To Reconsider Lifting Ban On Gay Sex


The Supreme Court of India issued a brief ruling Tuesday stating that it will not reconsider the case in which it recently upheld the country’s law criminalizing gay sex.

The ruling is a response to what’s called a review petition, a motion that asks the same judges that originally heard the case to reconsider it. In this case, one of the three judges from the panel had resigned, raising hopes that without his influence there might be a different outcome. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

One last option remains, which is called a curative petition. That motion asks senior judges of the full Indian Supreme Court to intervene for the sake of protecting basic rights. Still, the rejection of the review petition does not bode well for a curative petition’s fate.

Lawmakers could attempt to repeal the law, but with an election coming up in May and a backlash expected from socially conservative Hindu nationalists, the political climate is not currently very accommodating for that change.