The Morning Pride: January 29, 2014


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– Rep. Steve Palazzo (R) took to Facebook to complain about the same-sex couples that married at the Grammys, referring to the event as “Hollywood’s version of Matrimony.”

– The city commission of Danville, Kentucky is advancing sexual orientation nondiscrimination protections despite the mayor’s objections.

– A Brooklyn judge has refused to grant a married same-sex couple a second-parent adoption for their child, calling it redundant because both moms are already listed on the birth certificate.

– The National Organization for Marriage loves gay people because it wants to help them “come out of this distorted lifestyle.”

– Residents of Loudon County, Virginia are petitioning to have homophobic Supervisor Eugene A. Delgaudio removed from office.

– A suit has been filed against Tennessee-based Brookdale Senior Living for refusing to provide same-sex benefits to an employee.

– The bishops of the Church of England cannot agree on whether to bless same-sex marriages.

– Trials against gay men in Nigeria have been suspended because of violent mobs eager to punish them for their homosexuality.

– The Russian anti-gay Neo-Nazi that fled to Cuba only to be arrested is now back in Russia and in police custody.

– Conner Mertens at Willamette University is now the first openly bi active college football player. Here’s how his story unfolded.