Devry University And Chobani Yogurt Condemn Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws


Following AT&T’s Lead, both DeVry University and Chobani, the Greek Yogurt company, have both condemned Russia’s law banning “gay propaganda.” Both, like AT&T, are sponsors of the U.S. Olympic Committee, but not the International Olympic Committee.

DeVry released the following statement through CNBC:

As a USOC sponsor, DeVry University, and its parent organization DeVry Education Group, supports the diversity of our US Olympic & Paralympic athletes, as well as our DeVry Group colleagues around the world. We are against Russia’s anti-LGBT law & support efforts to improve LGBT equality.

Chobani’s CEO said simply, “We oppose Russia’s anti-LGBT law.”

So far, none of the IOC sponsors have spoken out against Russia’s laws, despite being LGBT-affirming in their policies.