The Morning Pride: February 10, 2014


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– Out lesbian Ireen Wüst from the Netherlands won the gold medal in the 3,000-meter competition at the Olympics.

– The Pentagon doesn’t see the need for legislation ensuring all “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” discharges were honorable, but veterans say the current paperwork process is taking too long and preventing them from accessing the benefits they deserve.

– Indiana state Republican Sen. Ron Alting announced he would not be supporting HJR-3, the amendment banning same-sex marriage. A Senate committee will consider the amendment Monday.

– A poll shows a majority of Kentuckians still oppose marriage equality, but by a much narrower margin than ever before.

– A Michigan candidate for the Republican National Committee, Mary Helen Sears, believes all gays and lesbians should be “purged” from the Republican Party.

– A former proponent of ex-gay therapy, John Smid, has continued his evolution, now declaring that homosexuality is not a choice and can’t be changed.

– Blake Brockington has been named the first transgender homecoming king at East Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

– A restaurant in Oklahoma has declared that it won’t serve freaks, “faggots,” people with disabilities, or welfare recipients.

– Toronto Mayor Rob Ford tried to prevent the City Hall from flying the rainbow flag, insisting that the Olympics should not be “about someone’s sexual preference,” but he allowed it to stay up, as many other Canadian cities have done.

– A bisexual man seeking asylum in the UK was apparently asked a series of lewd questions about his sexual behavior.

– The International Olympic Committee believes it was LGBT protesters’ own fault for getting arrested in Russia, because they didn’t get permission to protest.

– Anti-gay Americans are preaching in downtown Sochi, and because they aren’t violating the “gay propaganda” law, they haven’t been arrested.

– A gay doctor seeking asylum in the United States from Russia explains what it’s like being gay there.

– A new app, Refuge Restrooms, helps transgender people find safe public accommodations.

– Chevrolet’s newest ad includes several same-sex families: