Why Conservatives Defend Ex-Gay Therapy: Gay People ‘Entrap’ And ‘Groom’ Children


Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver

Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver

Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver

The Liberty Counsel has been helping ex-gay groups like NARTH challenge laws that ban ex-gay therapy for minors, but they’ve been unsuccessful in these efforts in both California and New Jersey. They’ve tried to argue that parents’ rights and religious liberty are at stake, but in an interview with the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow, Mat Staver admitted what the group really believes about gay people:

Staver notes that especially in California, children are being indoctrinated in public schools that homosexuality is normal.

“And then when someone is either abused or begins to struggle with these issues, when they’re bombarded with it day after day after day, they won’t be able to get any help from a licensed professional Christian counselor,” says Staver. “So that’s why it’s very dangerous.”

The law allows homosexuals to “entrap” and “groom” children into the homosexual lifestyle, without providing any opportunity for help, says the Liberty Counsel attorney.

Staver is referring back to the group’s oft-repeated claim that when children question their sexual orientation, it could be because they were assaulted “by the likes of a Jerry Sandusky abuser.” But Staver’s remarks demonstrate that conservatives are promoting the same decade-old myths that they always have: that gay people somehow “recruit” children to be gay.

Learning in school that homosexuality is normal and accepted doesn’t cause people to be gay, but it does help create an atmosphere where those who might be perceived to be gay are targeted less for bullying and abuse by their peers.