The Morning Pride: February 18, 2014


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– Just days after a federal judge ruled that Kentucky must recognize same-sex couples’ marriages from other states, a same-sex couple filed suit to get married in Kentucky.

– Mitt Romney expects there will be consequences from marriage equality, but not for several generations.

– The Washington House passed a bill banning ex-gay therapy for minors on a 94-4 vote.

– Washington is going to convert all same-sex couples’ domestic partnerships into marriages.

– More than 65 protesters demanding a vote on LGBT nondiscrimination protections were arrested Friday for blocking the Idaho Senate chamber.

– Illinois Republicans are still split on same-sex marriage.

– Bitch Magazine takes an in-depth look at Cathy Brennan and the other trans-exclusive radical feminists (TERFs) that attack transgender women in the name of feminism.

– A California school has a trans student playing on the girls’ varsity softball team for the first time, but Fox News insisted on misgendering her.

– The Church of England will allow clergy to offer post-wedding prayers for same-sex couples, but they are banned from actually officiating the ceremony.

– Another anti-gay mob has attacked gay men in Nigeria.

– A transgender woman in Ecuador has filed a suit against the government for refusing to recognize her gender identity on legal documents.

– A former member of the Italian Parliament, Imma Battaglia, who is transgender, has been arrested twice in Sochi, Russia for LGBT advocacy.

– Two members of Pussy Riot have also apparently been detained in Sochi for a gay rights protest.

Billie Jean King will make it to Sochi after all for the closing ceremony.