The Morning Pride: February 20, 2014


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Many questions still remain since the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act.

– Same-sex couples in Colorado and Idaho have filed new suits challenging their states’ bans on same-sex marriage.

– Chris Anderson, a member of the Chattanooga, Tennessee City Council, believes the effort to recall him is only because he’s openly gay.

– The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins thinks saving someone from homosexuality is the same as rescuing them if their house is on fire.

– Anti-gay researcher Mark Regnerus believes that when same-sex couples marry, it gives straight men “permission to stray” and have anal sex.

– LGBT Nigerians are seeking asylum in the U.S. and Canada, hoping to escape the heightened anti-gay persecution they now experience.

– Secretary of State John Kerry is “deeply troubled” that the President of Gambia wants to eradicate homosexuality just like malaria-causing mosquitoes.

– Canada has threatened to cut ties with Uganda over its anti-homosexuality bill.

– CeCe McDonald, who was jailed for defending herself from racist, transphobia assailants, joined with actress Laverne Cox and Alisha Williams of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project to discuss anti-transgender discrimination on Democracy Now: