The Morning Pride: February 26, 2014


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– Among the latest opponents of Arizona’s “license to discriminate” bill are Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Delta Air Lines, and The New York Times. Gov. Jan Brewer (R) says she’ll “do the right thing” for Arizona.

– Michigan’s marriage equality case, underway this week, is putting same-sex parenting on trial with experts testifying against each other.

– An Illinois lawmaker has withdrawn his bill to repeal marriage equality.

– A measure to repeal Alaska’s ban on same-sex marriage has been introduced.

– Fox News should reconsider making intersex people the punchline of jokes.

– A federal judge has ruled that Louisiana insurance companies must continue to accept third-party payments for HIV-positive clients.

– A new study from the Netherlands finds that the children of intact two-mom families have higher self-esteem and fewer conduct problems than similar children from intact mom-dad families.

– Pat Buchanan’s solution for the controversy over Arizona’s “license to discriminate” bill is to just eliminate all civil rights protections.

– Uganda’s health minister has promised that gay people will still be able to obtain healthcare; doctors and nurses will respect patient confidentiality.

Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands are cutting their aid to Uganda over the anti-homosexuality bill, and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is encouraging the U.S. to consider similar cuts.