POLL: National Support For Marriage Equality Reaches New High Of 59 Percent

CREDIT: Shutterstock

According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, a record high of 59 percent of Americans now support marriage equality, while only 34 percent remain opposed. This is a reversal from a March 2004 poll, in which 59 percent of people were opposed and only 38 percent were for marriage equality. Among those who live in the 33 states that still prohibit same-sex marriage, a 53 percent majority is nonetheless supportive, with 40 percent opposed.

Among Millennials, people ages 18 to 29, support for same-sex marriage is even higher at 81 percent. This complements results from another recently released study by the Public Religion Research Institute that found that 31 percent of American Millennials have left their religion due to anti-LGBT teachings.

The Washington Post-ABC news poll also found that support for same-sex marriage has even grown, albeit slowly, among the Republican party base, with 40 percent now supporting the freedom to marry. That includes 64 percent support from the half of the party that believes people are born with their sexual orientations.

Beyond marriage, the poll also found that 61 percent of Americans support a same-sex couple’s right to adopt a child, a 12 percent increase from a Time poll conducted in 2006. Respondents were also asked about “religious liberty” bills, like the one vetoed last week by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R), which would permit business owners to refuse service to LGBT customers by asserting their religious beliefs. Nearly 70 percent of people oppose allowing such discrimination.