The Morning Pride: March 10, 2014


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– Conservatives at CPAC largely ignored the topic of same-sex marriage as feuding over LGBT issues took place outside the main presentations.

– Several House Democrats sent a letter to the Labor Department seeking better protections for LGBT workers.

– Four same-sex couples have filed a suit in federal court challenging Indiana’s state law banning same-sex marriage.

– A black lesbian couple was found murdered behind a dumpster in Galveston County, Texas. They were both 24 and the vehicle they recently purchased together is missing.

– Motivated by young members of the party, Republicans at Oregon’s Dorchester Conference voted 233-162 to support marriage equality in the state.

– Mark Zmuda, who was fired as vice principal of Eastside Catholic School in Seattle for marrying his partner, has filed a suit against the school for discriminating against him.

– Republicans in Eden Prairie, Minnesota declined to endorse state Rep. Jenifer Loon (R) for reelection because of her support for marriage equality.

– Police detained several people carrying violent weapons and trying to interrupt a feminist rally that included LGBT support in Moscow, Russia.

– Sweden has become the fourth nation to withhold aid to Uganda over its anti-gay law.

– Openly gay Swedish soccer player Anton Hysén has signed to play with the Myrtle Beach Mutiny in South Carolina.