The Daily Caller Demonstrates How Not To Write About Transgender People


Karen Adell Scot

Karen Adell Scot

There’s a teacher in Oakhurst, California who is undergoing gender reassignment surgery and changing her name over spring break, and it seems that everybody in the district is supporting her gender transition in the best way possible. In a respectful piece by the Fresno Bee, Karen Adell Scot talks about how her transgender identity has been a stressful burden for her throughout her life. The district in which she teaches has worked with staff to make sure she feels respected at work, and has communicated with families about her transition to help students better understand her change. Though transgender people are not defined solely by their transitions, Scot’s story is basically a case of everything going well as she takes an important life step in an unavoidable public spotlight.

Then The Daily Caller decided they wanted to write about Scot as well. In a post that is nothing more than a direct pick-up of the Fresno Bee piece, Education Editor Eric Owens finds multiple ways to disregard and mock Scot’s transition:

  • Name: Owens intentionally refers to Scot by her former name throughout the entire piece, pointing out that The Bee is “already calling Sconce by his new surname.”
  • Gender: Owens identifies Scot as a “male teacher.”
  • Pronouns: Owens uses male pronouns through his entire write-up when referring to Scot.
  • Diagnosis: Owens questions Scot’s identity: “He called his condition gender dysphoria.” Gender dysphoria is the official diagnosis used by the American Psychiatric Association to support trans individuals struggling with their transition.

It’s unclear why The Daily Caller felt the need to highlight Scot’s story in the first place, except to rewrite it with these disrespectful identifiers in violation of guidelines provided by GLAAD and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. The site, founded by Tucker Carlson, has a long history of regularly mocking transgender people and opposing protections for them.